Freggers Play: New world-building app stimulates children to playfully develop programming skills

About Freggers Play With Freggers Play, SPiN AG has created an app that provides children and those who have stayed a child at heart with the opportunity to turn visions into reality in a visually exceptional three-dimensional world. Creative Bricks A classic among creativity exercises is the brick test where you have to come up with 100 uses for a brick. But what if it wasn’t just about bricks? What if you could put into practice any idea? What could be a problem in the real world could prove to be great fun in a virtual world. Freggers Play is this world. „You are studying, again?“ Freggers Play is a playground for dreams and inspirations where children can puzzle, create or simply have fun - without beaten paths, scholarly instruction or time limits. For parents it is a game with educational value that teaches children certain computer science thought patterns and essential tools of the trades for 21st century jobs. Programming the world With an ingeniously simple 3D-editor, graphic programming language, physics engine and particle effects, Freggers Play is a kind of „Unity for kids“; a construction kit for especially creative, intrinsically motivated children, or so you would think... Everybody has experienced this: You sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and your mind goes equally blank: creative block. This is why Freggers Play offers stimulating environments from the beginning, with lovingly detailed objects and atmospheric backdrops that become seeds for ideas. Divergent thinking is encouraged if something doesn’t fit 100% and creative solutions for problems emerge out of situations and self-set goals. Inspiration and Imagination lead to illumination. Suddenly you have learned programming and you haven’t even noticed. Unknown territory - that was yesterday! Stereotypes, too! „Kids today grow up with technology and don’t question smartphones and tablets, they just use them - they play, create, communicate, and express themselves“, says Fabian Rott. „Girl or boy, technophile or not; we don’t want to pigeonhole people“, he goes on. „And if someone wants to play ‚dollhouse‘ with Freggers Play they will have great fun, too. Girls who realize that the graphic building blocks they’ve been using to bring to life their pony farm are a programming language, will hopefully never again think that informatics is just for boys.“ This has also convinced FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and Creative Europe MEDIA who have funded the project on the one hand as well as the jury of German kids media award "Der weiße Elefant" on the other hand granting this appreciation to Freggers Play last summer while still being in beta. So, and what is a Fregger? A Fregger is a self-confident, creative child who naturally builds spaceships with bricks and teaches them how to fly. Freggers Play is available in the iOS app store for iPads and in the Google Play Store. Freggers Play Freggers Play in the iOS App Store Freggers Play in the Google Play Store Freggers Play Hour of Code


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